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Dragonboat Racing Association Group Of Nevada

Fun or Adults, Children & Corporate Team Building

Our Mission

The Dragonboat Racing Association Group of Nevada is a 501(c)(3) non‐profit organization whose primary purpose is to promote dragon boat racing in Nevada and to help build, strengthen and enhance community life by raising, managing and distributing funds to charitable organizations and/or qualified individuals that are from low to moderate income and/or the under served communities in Southern Nevada. We are providing assistance for Breast Cancer Awareness and the Visually Impaired to help save lives and enhance and improve community involvement in Southern Nevada.

Our Story

The Dragonboat Racing Association Group of Nevada (D.R.A.G.O.N.) grew from one individual’s passion to compete even though they struggled with their own cancer battles, along with their family and friends who supported them throughout their journey. Dragon boating and breast cancer is a winning a combination. The sport is raising breast cancer awareness that is driven by women and men with the disease. It reaches out to other women and men; and offers them a message of hope and support. It is helping to change attitudes toward “life after breast cancer,” and it encourages them to lead full and active lives. We also give back to the Children’s Cancer Center and to the Blind and Visually Impaired. It is making a difference!

Our team members have joined our organization to train for local and out-of-state dragon boat festivals. We have competed in the Rose Regatta in Henderson, NV for the past six (6) years, and are proud to have had the opportunity to raise moneys with our charitable community fundraiser. We have also attended the Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival in California, and the Montana Dragon Boat Festival in Lakeside, Montana. In 2017, are sights are set on returning to a few of these, as well as, expanding our adventures in other states!

At present, DRAGON conducts it dragon boat training sessions at Lake Las Vegas. We are blessed to have a season that can range all year long. We provide an inclusionary, family‐friendly dragon boat training environment, and everyone is encouraged to participate, regardless of age, ability, financial resources, political/religious affiliation or sexual orientation. Dragon boating is a multi-generational activity for all families.Typically, January through November paddlers will engaged in “Open Paddle” sessions. This is open to teammates and the public. Current women teams – Rah Rah 4 the Ta Ta’s, Warriors on Water (WOW of NV BCS team), Mixed Team -Paddle Warriors, Rah Rah 4 the TaTa’s, Mixed Blind and Visually Impaired team the Flyin’ Blind, All Men’s Team – Paddle Warriors and our novice paddlers the form a team every year for our festival they are getting their paddles wet and having fun. We also have our Youth Team – Dragon Tails for ages 5 and up.

DRAGON provides coaching and paddling opportunities for all ages and ability levels. Please let us know if you are interested in paddling with DRAGON, or if you would be interested in providing charitable support to our organization.

“Awake the DRAGON in you”

For additional information concerning DRAGON, please contact


1. Rah Rah for the Tah Tah’s (W)

2. Rah Rah for the Ta Ta’s (CO-ED)

3. Flyin’ Blind (Blind & VI – CO-ED)

4. Paddle Warriors (CO-ED)

5. Paddle Warriors ( All Men’s)

6. Dragon Tails (YOUTH)

7. Warriors on Water (BCS & ACS-W)

8. Dragons (CO-ED)

The dragon boat experience is a human powered watercraft. Teamwork combined with a good strength to weight ratio is the key. Total teamwork and a spirit of competition makes each race exciting.

It is user friendly and anyone, young or old, at any fitness level, can quickly adapt to develop a passion for this sport. In dragon boat racing, not one paddler alone guarantees a victory. It literally takes all 20 paddlers, the drummer and steersperson to work in unison and cross the finish line first. Every paddler plays a specific role, and they have rhythm and power.

Why do we paddle? We paddle for adrenaline. We paddle for unity. We paddle for pride, and we paddle for pleasure. We paddle for those who are unable, and for those remembered. Each of us has our reasons, but we all come together as one. One Boat, One Beat!

Dragon Boat Facts

Dragon boat racing is the fastest growing water sport activity in the world today.

Over 50 million people world-wide participate in dragon boat festivals

Participants as old as 85 and as young as 14 years of age participate in dragon boating.

Participants are 60% men, 40% women including corporations of all sizes, community groups, financial institutions, utilities, service clubs, youth groups, and through to retirement homes.

Dragon boats are propelled by 20 paddlers, guided by a steersperson, and kept in rhythm by a drummer seated at the bow of the boat, maintaining a steady, and powerful pace for the duration of the traditional 500m course

Each race takes approximately 2.5 minutes; but heats are run every 12-15 minutes allowing for teams to load and unload their boats. Boats race in heats of three (3) to four (4) boats across.

A dragon boat is a long narrow boat that can have as few as 10 paddlers, but the most popular dragon boat setup consists of 20 paddlers.

Dragon boat racing is increasingly popular as a component in corporate team building retreats, and charitable fundraising events, particularly promoting breast cancer and cancer awareness; along with helping those that are Blind an Visually Impaired.

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